FAQ Manual and Guarantee

Setting the time

Take the crown between your thumb and forefinger and gently pull it outwards. Turn the crown in either direction to set the hands at the desired position. Then push the crown back into its normal position. See also our manual.

Water resistance

Water is a watch's greatest enemy. Our watches have been designed for everyday use and are classified as 'dress watches'. These watches are splash-proof (water resistant). This means that you can wash your hands and walk in rain or snow while wearing your watch. Dress watches are not designed to be worn in the shower or under water. Water damage is not covered by the guarantee.


Björn Hendal guarantees that your watch will function well for a period of two years. This guarantee does not apply if the defect or malfunction is the result of 1. improper use, 2. damage, 3. theft, 4. owner negligence, or 5. normal wear and tear. Watch bands and glass do not fall under the guarantee. Please keep the receipt as proof of purchase. If you have any questions about the guarantee, please send an e-mail to contact at contact(at)bjornhendal.com


Your Björn Hendal watch works like a small but powerful engine. And like an engine, its need regular maintenance. Therefore we recommend that you have your watch serviced by a watchmaker every three to four years. The watchmaker will clean your watch and if needed do a battery change. If you have any questions about maintenance, please send an e-mail to info(at)bjornhendal.com