Carbon Neutral Shipping

Bjorn Hendal not just cares about the quality of every product, but also environmental sustainability.

As part of our continuous improvement in Bjorn Hendal’s sustainability programs, we have made a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and combat climate change wherever possible. All Björn Hendal courier packages will be shipped via UPS® carbon neutral shipping.

We chose UPS carbon neutral because it is third-party certified and also preserves wildlife habitat. We are proud to be supporting these important environmental projects that mitigate the climate impact of shipping our products.

"Small steps by many add up to big improvements."

UPS's carbon neutral option supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport. UPS has supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction. UPS is working first to reduce emissions through supply chain optimization and then to offset emissions via recognized standards.